An intellectual nourishment for the soul of an Objectivist the New York Objectivist Society 2011 Conference will raise money for Ayn Rand Institute and connect Objectivists who might not otherwise have crossed paths in the greatest city on earth. The conference will be featuring two full days of lectures on Saturday and Sunday November 5 and 6, 2011. Saturday and Sunday attendees will be immersed in an intellectual universe created by some of the best minds in their respective fields.

Andrew Bernstein will speak on Villainy: An Analysis of the Nature of Evil, Harry Binswanger will speak on Psycho-Epistemology: How the Mind Operates the Subconscious, Yaron Brook will speak on Ayn Rand’s Free market Revolution: How the Ideas of Atlas Shrugged Can End Big Government, Eric Daniels will speak on The Virtue of Judicial Engagement, Shoshana Milgram will speak on Ayn Rand’s Top Secret: An Inspiring Original Screenplay about the Development of the Atomic Bomb, and Jean Moroney will speak on How Understanding Your Emotions Helps You Think Logically.

NYOS has chosen InterContinental Hotel New York Barclay as the venue for the conference. In our judgement we have integrated a great lineup of lecturers with a Five Star venue to complement the experience this event will offer.

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