Exciting news. I will co-host–with my very good friend and colleague, Arshak Benlian–a new show on BlogTalkRadio, entitled “Objectively Speaking.” It will air every Tuesday evening from 8 until 9 pm est, starting on Tuesday July 30th.

We will analyze contemporary political and cultural issues from a distinctively Objectivist standpoint. People have often told me that I should have my own radio show–and now, along with the multi-talented Arshak Benlian, I will. Since the show is available to anyone with I-Net access, there is no excuse for people not to listen, especially since we will be provocative and engaging in the extreme.

It is time to bring Objectivism’s distinctive viewpoint on current issues to a world-wide audience–and Arshak and I are exactly the men for the task. On issue after issue, we intend to demonstrate two principles: 1. the life-giving benefits of consistently upholding individual rights, and 2. the moral is the practical, the practical is the moral–and the immoral is the impractical, the impractical is the immoral. In our first show, we will tackle the issue of immigration, and show why open immigration is, for contemporary America, the only policy that is both moral and practical.

Arshak, a Bulgarian immigrant, speaks to this from personal experience, and I have published on this topic in the final chapter of my book, “Capitalist Solutions.” I promise the audience that this episode will be the first of many thought-provoking ones. I will talk to you on Tuesday evenings. Be there.

You will be able to listen to the first episode here:

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