The New American Racism as Exemplified in the Zimmerman Case

The facts of the case warrant Zimmerman’s acquittal. Indeed, put more accurately, the facts of the case show that Zimmerman should never have been put on trial.  He was tried exclusively because of overt racism on the part of the Left, including — but not limited to — the White House, the liberal media, some black leaders, and the noisy, race-baiting bigot, Al Sharpon. 

The New Racism is as disturbing as the Old, as disturbing as any form of bigotry. It needs to be intellectually dissected and refuted. This is the subject of the next episode of “Objectively Speaking”

Summary: In Episode 2 of “Objectively Speaking” Arshak Benlian and I diced and sliced the new racism of the Left, showing that its ultimate goal is the savage chaos of race war, thereby providing the federal government pretext to declare martial law and vastly expand the power of the state. We also pointed out that the off-the-charts black-on-black crime in Chicago, Detroit, and other U.S. cities is not a product of white racism but of a black urban culture that too often, tragically, rejects the mind and education for a lifestyle utterly physicalistic–a brief, tortured existence of drugs, indiscriminate sex, and pervasive, chilling violence–a violence very often directed against the best black students, the kids who do embrace the mind and education. Our unequivocal message to the Reverend Al, and to other leftist “leaders” who noisily claim to care about black Americans, is to leave Zimmerman be–he acted in self-defense–and to jettison their cherished hobby horse of white racism–for 50 years it has been so attenuated as to constitute no insuperable impediment to black individuals determined to achieve education and career success–and to enter the ‘hood day after day with a single unrelenting message: embrace the mind and education; the mind is mankind’s instrument of survival; the mind is what separates us from other animals; be a man, not a beast–embrace the mind and education. Thanks to everyone who listened and called in. For those poor benighted souls who missed it, it is available on archive.

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