Last night, I attended the dinner reception and poker tournament hosted at the St. Regis hotel in NYC by the Students For Liberty (SFL). It was a great event. More important, there are many highly intelligent, sincere students who attend SFL conferences around the world, making SFL possibly the single most successful student organization promoting the principles of individual rights and capitalism.

Objectivists and Objectivism need a stronger presence at these conferences–to reach the many great kids who attend. Because of that,  I am happy to announce that on Sat. Oct. 18, I will speak at SFL’s regional conference in Dallas.

The topic is: “Is Money the Root of All Evil?” The short answer is: No. The longer answer is that money is an indispensable tool of man’s productive capacity–and that the production of wealth, be it material or spiritual, represents enormous moral virtue. It is of great importance that these bright kids be introduced to Ayn Rand’s distinctive argument regarding the nature of money. They will be.

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