I fell in love with Dominique Francon when I was sixteen years old. Her idealism–her impassioned love for man at his highest and best–even more than her beauty and trenchant intelligence captured my spirit. To this day, she is my favorite literary heroine. For all of her errors, which she corrects, I resonate with her tormented, hero-worshiping soul. Ayn Rand described Dominique as “myself in a bad mood”; and so, I love her for the same reason that Roark does–she is “total passion for the total height.”

I was overjoyed and proud to write an essay in “The Objective Standard” explaining the essence of her so-often misunderstood character, and am beyond pleased that the Objective Standard Institute (OSI) published it as a stand-alone booklet, as well. Thank you to everyone at OSI for that. Above all, a deep, heartfelt thank you to Ayn Rand for creating such a complex, fascinating, and memorable female character.

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