It is a new year. It is finally time for me to turn to the project I have long promised: to write a book on the nature of evil.
Given the catastrophic destruction wrought by evil men both historically and currently, it is astonishing how little has been written on this subject in the history of moral philosophy. (Unfortunately, much of what is written and said about evil comes from faith-based premises.) It is understandable that the great moral philosophers focused on the nature of the good; and it follows that evil is what directly clashes with the good as they conceive it. But it is long past time to analyze evil down to its deepest philosophic roots–for an increased understanding of its nature will enable good men to identify it when it appears and take steps to defend themselves against it, whether those steps are intellectual, physical, or both. My analysis will proceed from a distinctively Objectivist philosophic foundation. The book’s title, very simply, is “Evil.” Its subtitle is: “An Inquiry Into the Nature of Iniquity.”
Many good people have encouraged me to write this book. I greatly appreciate it. For those who wish to monetarily support the writing of this important work, you may contribute to my Patreon account.
We are egoists. We do not–ever–ask for sacrifices. If this book is a value to you, and if you can afford to contribute to its support, please consider a donation.
Even those as small as $5.00 or $10.00 per month are both helpful and greatly appreciated. I will provide updates and sections of chapters on my Patreon account, so my patrons will have the first look at how the research and writing proceed. Thank you very much.
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