My new essay on capitalism is titled “Capitalism Is the Only Practical System Because It Is the Only Moral System.” It shows in terms of history, economics, morality, and underlying philosophy that, how, and why capitalism is the political-economic system that preeminently promotes human flourishing–and the only one that does. In other words, it makes an integrated case for capitalism. And that, of course, is The Lesson: that capitalism is the sole system to superlatively advance human life, and therefore, it is, by far, the most moral system. It is always an honor to have the cover of “TOS”, and I think this essay merits it.

More good news: The Objective Standard Institute will publish this essay as a stand-alone booklet to be distributed for free to the many bright students who attend its LevelUp conferences. This essay/booklet will serve as an antidote to the relentless anti-capitalist propaganda with which these kids from around the country and all over the world are bombarded. Thank you to Jon Hersey and his team for their stalwart editing–to Craig Biddle for publishing such a superlative journal–and to my longtime friend, Mark Da Cunha, for originating the idea for this essay/booklet. Let’s reach millions of people around the globe! We change the world one mind at a time.

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