For years I have watched with dread the ominous resurgence of racism in the U.S. Over the past 5-6 years I published several essays on racism at Capitalism Magazine. Now I have taken three of them and edited them extensively to form a ninety-page booklet.
This booklet does many things: It examines the changing forms of American racism; places it in a context of brutal racism throughout history and around the world; shows that the anti-capitalist Left, while pouring out hatred for whites, institutes policies lethal to blacks; answers the false claim that “it is impossible to be racist toward a white person”; establishes that the so-called “alt-right” is a collectivist, anti-individualist–that is, Leftist–movement and is encouraged by the Marxist Left; issues a clarion call about the ominous trend toward race war; and, above all, shows that color-blind individualism is the sole panacea for racism in any of its hideous iterations, a panacea utterly repudiated by both the Marxist Left–who call it a “micro-aggression”–and the National Socialist Left (the alt-right).
How do we fight vicious irrationality?
With reason–that is, with mountains of evidence and withering, irrefutable logic based in that evidence.
That is what this slender volume does.

Individualism is the theory of human nature that states: Individuality is real, it is important, and each individual has the inalienable right to life, to liberty, to earn and to own property, and to pursue personal happiness.

On such a theory, we recognize that racial differences are real—but we also recognize that they are trivial differences between and among us, akin to the differences in hair and eye color among many white people.

Of central importance: We recognize that individuals make moral choices, and we judge them based on these choices, not based on the tribe into which they happened to be born.