Cliffs Notes – The Fountainhead

Cliffs Notes – The Fountainhead explores the modern classic that made Ayn Rand famous. The book carried forth the author’s anti-communist ideals and conviction that individuals should not allow their lives to be dominated in any way by the beliefs of others.

Following the story of architect Howard Roark as he attempts to achieve success on his own terms, this study guide provides summaries and critical commentaries for each part within the novel.  Other features that help you figure out this important work include

  • Personal background on the author, including a look at the philosophy she termed “Objectivism”
  • Introduction to and synopsis of the book
  • In-depth analyses of a broad cast of characters
  • Critical essays on the author’s writing style and more
  • Review section that features interactive questions and suggested essay topics and practice projects
  • Resource Center with books, film and audio recordings, and Web sites that can help round out your knowledge

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