Heart of a Pagan

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Some say there are no gods; that all we have are fables and empty cant. Some say there was a god once but he perished, leaving true believers to wonder why the spirit of consecration had fled, emptying their lives. A few sneer at deity and celebrate its demise. Some desecrate their temple; some abandon it, let it run down and go to seed.

Some devote themselves to god, but conceive him beyond their reach, a pure being on high, with a swarm of followers on their knees, a horde polluted by the transgression of another.

Some say there are no heroes any more; some say there never were. Some say that dwarves deserve more consideration than giants. Some say that cripples should be coddled. Some are cynics, holding human nature unworthy of reverence.

But not all live their lives in such darkness, devoid of light.

— from the Prologue to Heart of a Pagan

Chapter 1: The Spirit and the Flesh

Chapter 2: The Coming – Heart of a Pagan