Objectivism in One Lesson

For the millions of readers who love Ayn Rand’s novels and who seek to understand her revolutionary philosophy of Objectivism, there has not been available a simple and concise introduction to her thought. Objectivism in One Lesson is that book. In layman’s terms, using vivid examples, Andrew Bernstein clearly explains the brilliant ideas that animate the conflict and characters of Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged. This is the definitive introductory text to the rational philosophy that will transform the world.


This is the Bible for businessmen. In a contemporary and readable fashion, Objectivism in One Lessonpresents the moral propriety of capitalism, profit, and rational self-interest. Bernstein’s refreshing take will benefit both the start-up and the CEO. This is the perfect book for those inspired by Ayn Rand’s novels but who don’t yet understand the philosophy behind the fiction. (Jonathan Hoenig )For decades, there has been no book for the intelligent layman who enjoyed Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged and wished to understand the complex philosophical system they embody. Bernstein’s book gives him just that, making its fundamentals clear and accessible. His master-stroke is to identify the theme of Rand’s philosophy–“man’s rational mind is his sole means of gaining knowledge, survival, and happiness”–and to use this principle as a the core around which to organize his exposition. I will certainly use this book in my courses. A little gem. (Jurgis Brakas, Ph.D. )Objectivism in One Lesson shows the life-giving power of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, a power that dictators of every degree–from abusive parents to statist politicians—do not want an individual to discover. Bernstein’s brilliant book helps the individual understand the revolutionary ideas present in The Fountainhead and Atlas Shruggedand thereby take control of his thinking, his mental health, and indeed, his life. (Ellen Kenner, Ph.D. )Objectivism in One Lesson is a must read for all profit-driven businessmen. It clearly explains Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, self-interest, and capitalism that businessmen need to validate the moral rightness of their productive, profit-generating work. (Mark Rothstein )

A wonderful addition to a growing list of important new books on Ayn Rand and her philosophy, Objectivism. Bernstein’s unique achievement is to take Rand’s complex philosophical system and to explain it in terms that ordinary people can understand. Bernstein demonstrates with crystal clear prose and provocative examples drawn from everyday life that Objectivism is the only philosophy that supports the true American spirit of liberty. (C. Bradley Thompson, Ph. D. )