What happens when the United States is pushed into the horrors of race war?

How do supporters of color-blind individualism battle heroically against violent racists of every kind?

How does the struggle for America’s soul end?

Reckoning tells that story.

The story takes place in Brooklyn, NY. Jewish bigots and black nationalists clash amidst bitter racial tensions. Into this seething cauldron enters Mick Davidson, Brooklyn-born but now an Israeli citizen, a battle-hardened combat veteran, and a Mossad agent, seeking a wanted Nazi war criminal, suspected of hiding by converting to Judaism and joining the assault on Brooklyn’s blacks.

Davidson will find more than Nazis on this mission.

He will find 90-year-old Rabbi Jacob Paris, a Holocaust survivor and a strong voice for racial amity. He will find Gisele Paris, the rabbi’s divorced daughter, a rough and tumble krav maga instructor, a warrior for peace, and a robustly attractive woman hiding a terrible secret. He will find Marko Weinhaus, suspected of being a ruthless Nazi war criminal. He will find Amiri Bantu Biko, leader of Brooklyn’s black nationalist movement, a brilliant lawyer, a splendid racist polemicist, a hater of whites generally and of Jews especially, and an apostle of black revolution. As violence builds to full-scale race war, Davidson will find much more besides.

The story is grim, it’s dark, it’s violent, it’s brutal, and its plot builds remorselessly to a shattering climax dramatizing a theme both timely and – tragically – timeless.